Programs and Camps

The Athlete

Every kid wants to be their best and believes in that in their heart that they are an athlete from the second they step on the field or court. We teach the fundamentals of movement, sport based fitness, and speed development so that their bodies can catch up with their minds with the proper fitness training.

The athlete program is team personal training designed with careful methodical age appropriate fitness training. We teach your kids how to run, jump, improve speed and agility in a fun and safe atmosphere.

Tryouts are Friday evenings at 6:30pm. Athletes are tested on speed, power, and fundamental bodyweight strength.

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The Starter Squat

As your athlete grows, develops, and advances in their sport, their level of physical preparation, recovery needs, and nutrition must align with the ever growing sporting demands. This program is ONLY for higher level athletes who have mastered their sports skill and need to match their body to their skill. We not only train your growing athlete, but use accountability systems and coaching to enhance the speed at which they reach their fitness goals. If your son or daughter wants to become or stay a starter in their chosen sport, this is for them.

***Includes Weekly Training & Coach Check-Ins, DraftDayAthletics Private Facebook Group, Biweekly Video Coaching Sessions, and Quarterly Testing ***

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Recreational Sports Fitness Fundamentals

5-7 Year Olds

During the most fundamental time of their sports career many kids miss out on learning proper age appropriate fitness conditioning, strength training, flexibility, and how to correctly warm up for team and individual sports. Many times they are left to the instruction of their sport coach who sometimes does not have the physiological expertise and understanding that a vetted Strength & Conditioning Coach has. That level of comprehension and understanding is what helps your son or daughter stand out from the crowd or form the conform with the crowd.

During Camp your student athlete will learn:

Social Skills

✅Self Discipline



Fitness Skills



✅Bodyweight Strength Training


Travel Sports Speed & Conditioning Fundamentals

8-14 Year Olds

Your kids have worked hard to get to where they are. Many of them have been working with skill development coaches, travel programs, and other private coaches. Nothing better sets them up for success with better opportunities than specialization at a young age, other than sports training. However, one VITAL competent that can help your kids learn how to win more than any skill coach can ever teach is SPEED & STRENGTH. It takes a whole new level of commitment to become the biggest, strongest, and fastest on the field or court. One thing that separates the kids having “fun” and the kids winning is those who can play through contact and not get tossed around by the bigger competition. This camp teaches how to make sure your kids can stand on solid ground when the opponents are putting on the pressure.

During Camp your student athlete will learn:

Success Skills

✅Interpersonal Skill Development

✅Mental Toughness


Division 1 Skills

✅Proper Warmups

✅Speed Development (20 and 40 yard starts and acceleration techniques)

✅Agility Development (Pro-Agility, T Test, and other College Testing Protocols)


Camps are held year round with specific emphasis on summer. Spots fill quickly, Register so your son or daughter can start improving their opportunities before the competition gets their spot.