Push4Success values relationships above transactions. To help you have the best experience with your personal training & business endeavors we have compiled a short list of our top partners. These are professionals that we either use regularly or highly trust within the fields of sports medicine, physical therapy, massage, & marketing.
Please take some time to review their information and ask any questions you may have about the listed below.
Jim Simpson – Jim Simpson comes to the softball recruiting field with 13 years of experience and first hand has helped hundreds of girls  go through the process of being a prospect to a signed athlete. His approach is sincere and heartfelt to get your girls placed for softball scholarships, not fooled by those who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. He has played high level ball, was recruited himself, and raised 2 of his own division 1 athletes. Check him out at:
Dr. Jennifer Hopp – A phenomenal Orthopedist that specializes in treating athletes that want to minimize injuries and maximize their performance. You can check her out by clicking HERE
Powhatan Physical Therapy – Owned and operated by Gregg Tobey former owner of Athletes Complete Training Source Performance Center. We worked hand in hand to help Chesterfield and surrounding area athletes perform their best pre, in, and off season. He helps athletes recover from and prevent instabilities that may be right on the edge of becoming an injury.
A Touch Of Healing Massage – Owned and operated by Nelson Bridgewater. He’s an invaluable resource to our clients who are in constant muscle aches and pains. Review him at
Chicklet Marketing – Alexis Chouinard has been vital to the rebranding and marketing of Push4Success. Her professional & caring approach is rare in small business. Every interaction makes you want to use her services more!
These practitioners are masters at their craft. Without them Push4Success would not be able to offer some of the best and most affordable care for sports injuries and chronic pain along with business marketing resources with Chicklet Marketing. Thanks for taking some time to check out our partners. Again please feel free to ask questions about our partners or reach out to them directly. They would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about performance, recovery, or business.